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Powerhouse is now offering the stealth swingarm modification for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Hayabusas. Now there is a way to extend your wheelbase without risking your life with crappy bolt-on extensions, or buying an entirely different arm. POWERHOUSE MOTORCYCLES STEALTH SWINGARMS.

We modify your stock arm, extending it anywhere from 2-6 inches. We relocated the swingarm button bungs, so you can still use a rear stand; we relocate the brake arm mount on Gen 1s. You use your stock axle, axle blocks, and wheel. We provide the new chain guard, and everything is powdercoated black to match your frame. Your bike still looks STOCK, but is not! The example pictured below is a Gen 2 with our 4" extended STEALTH arm.

POWERHOUSE PRICE: $795 (with core)

NEW! Now available in silver, to match some of the earlier silver frames!
The silver powdercoat with another clear-coating over it, brings the retail price to $850.

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