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PM002- Gen 1 (1999-2007)
Center to Center - 119.50mm
Pin Diameter - 20mm
BE Diamter - 41mm
Weight - 325 grams

PM003- Gen 2 (2008 - )
Center to Center - 119.50mm
Pin Diameter - 18mm
BE Diamter - 41mm
Weight - 305 grams


Wossner H-Beam Connecting Rods for the Suzuki Hayabusa are stronger and less expensive than the competition. Designed for 500+ horsepower turbo applications, but can be used in any application where a strong rod is needed. Forged from Chromoly 4340 and utilizing 3/8" ARP L19 bolts to keep even the highest horsepower engine together longer and without catastrophic failure.

How does L19 compare to ARP 2000?

L19 differs from ARP 2000 in that it is a vacuum melted alloyed steel with sufficient chromium and carbon to achieve high hardness. L19 is aircooled from the hardening temperature in a way that does not require an oil quench to achieve full hardness and is tempered to assure full conversion to martensite between 1025 F (551,66 C) and 1075 F (579,44 C). L19 is a proprietary material capable of achieving strengths of 220,000 / 230,000 or 260,000 / 270,000 psi as may be required. Recommended Torque is 45 foot pounds (.006" stretch)


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